How to Clean and Maintain a High-Pressure Airless Paint Sprayer

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    Proper cleaning and maintenance can significantly extend the lifespan of a high-pressure airless paint sprayer and ensure its efficiency. Here are the detailed steps for cleaning and maintaining your sprayer

    Immediate Cleaning

    Cleaning Process:

    After each use, immediately place the intake tube into a suitable cleaning agent. Start the sprayer and run the cleaning agent through the system until the liquid comes out clear without any color changes.

    Focus Areas:

    Pay special attention to cleaning the nozzle, filter, and intake tube. Use a brush to clean the filter, ensuring no residues are left behind.

    Using the Right Cleaning Agents

    Water-Based Paints:

    Clean with water. Run the equipment until the water comes out without any paint residues.

    Oil-Based Paints:

    Use mineral oil or a specialized solvent for cleaning. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and avoid using corrosive solvents.

    Inspecting and Replacing Seals

    Regular Inspection:

    Check the seals monthly for signs of aging or damage. Seals include O-rings and pump seals.

    Replacement Frequency:

    Replace seals every 6 months to 1 year, depending on usage frequency and environment. Frequently used equipment may require more frequent replacements.

    Lubrication and Corrosion Prevention


    Regularly add a suitable amount of lubricant to moving parts like the piston and pump, typically after every 40 hours of use.

    Corrosion Prevention:

    Before long-term storage, apply a corrosion inhibitor to metal parts and store the sprayer in a dry environment.

    Using high-quality parts such as Graco airless sprayer parts and Graco pump repair parts, or reliable China made Graco pump parts, can further ensure the longevity and efficiency of your china airless paint sprayer. Proper maintenance using these parts helps in maintaining optimal performance.

    By following these cleaning and maintenance steps, you can ensure your high-pressure airless paint sprayer operates efficiently and lasts longer, providing high-quality results for all your painting projects.

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